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Hannah Anema is a painter, muralist, graphic designer, and crafter out of Minnesota. From a young, age her greatest passions have always been art and nature. Hannah is most well known for her work in oils. Most of her artwork is based off her interactions with the natural world, but she also paints a large amount of other subject matter including portraiture, family pets, and humanitarian issues.

In regards to her paintings of the natural world, Hannah loves creating artwork that might give the viewer a different perspective of nature, or create beauty out of something that once seemed mundane. She hopes her art can help strengthen the viewers love of nature, or instill a lost connection to earth, one painting at a time

Outside her life as an artist, Hannah works full-time for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a Fisheries Technician. The daily interactions Hannah is able have with the many unique fish species of Minnesota is a theme in many of her works.

In her spare time (outside of painting and netting fish), Hannah loves to forage, hunt, fish, travel, and visit close friends and family with her partner, Matt, and dog, Ashagi. 


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